Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is the moon afire or flooded?

I just found this in the draft's - I wrote this back in March 2011.

This spot right here.
I tuck this one away for me.
With out ownership.

Sunlight through the blinds.
I trace your collar bone to remember,
the negative space of you.

The positive space of "we".
my head on your shoulder,
tucked into the now.

Your heart shifts like the tide.
My heart fortified by walls
that are breaking down.

Shift, flux & pull.
We both know, only the earth
can take on the ocean.

So here we sit
Two types of fire alight.
Mirrored and at odds.

Grief is a lingering house guest

ten thirty p.m.
the messages come in
we can all morn now.

A candle is lit.
poems and tissue are found.
These are lonely friends.

I'm glad the pain's stopped,
for her at least, but I know...
we'll feel its echo's.

I'll lean on her love,
I'll lean on her tenacity,
her grit and gumption.

From the other side,
she cradles us in her arms,
want or not, she is there.