Saturday, April 9, 2011

When you call the moon, expect your heart.

The black wolf guides me.
afloat on the calm waters.
Black wolf is angry.

We near the shore,
Stag waits for me at the edge of the wood.
I must leave black wolf.

Dressed in constellations,
I follow stag into the woods.
There, I take on his skin.

I nibble the grass.
hearing a rustle I know,
To be strong, I must die.

I feel wolf stalk me.
I resign to my fate.
to die, is to live.

Falling through the dark.
Laying naked in the boat.
Afloat in the unknown.

I pull on the coat
of the white wolf - she's the moon.
eclipsing my stars.

I remember.

Photos on my floor.
There is a story in there,
like dots on my heart.